Just a year ago, schools all across the United States had to shut down suddenly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools were forced to build their online learning efforts at a moment’s glance in a time which many school systems didn’t even have the resemblance of a system running. This has caused many students to suffer in terms of learning and their social life. For disadvantaged children, the consequences of remote learning have seeped further into their daily lives.


Around 30 million children in the United States are given breakfasts and lunches provided free by their school system. When physical…

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobodies’ are the same, but you leave them in everything you do,” Elvis Presley. As much as parents desire their children to have the best in life, they should also ensure that they have values to help them get through in life and live with others. With this in mind, values, not vises, should be incorporated in the child early in life. There are many values a child can learn, and some they know as they grow old; these include;

Values to Teach Children

1. Respect

It is often said; respect is earned, which is true. However, children should be taught the…

While growing up, children dreamed of becoming astronauts, lawyers, doctors, superheroes, actors, lawyers, etc. However, no one ever dreamed of becoming an emergency homeschooler. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people from different parts of the world have learned to appreciate real-life superheroes such as parents and healthcare providers.

Parents, despite their many duties, still find time to educate their children. They have to prepare meals, do house chores, exercise, and raise their children. Apart from encouraging sharing and modeling good behavior, parents have to homeschool their children during this pandemic.

Despite the pandemic, teachers continue to offer their services using…

( from an interview with Gordon Nary )

Gordon: When were you appointed to Associate Superintendent for Leadership at the Archdiocese of New York and what are your primary responsibilities?

Steve: In 2014, I was working at the University of Notre Dame as a Director in the Alliance for Catholic Education Program and I accepted an invitation to come to the Archdiocese of New York to take responsibility for the Leadership Formation of Catholic School leaders. The Archdiocese of New York was already engaged in reimaging Catholic education via new governance and finance structures. Much of the focus had been…

Looks like you made it!

October 31- Another month of your Apostolic work as a Catholic School Leader is in the history books. Congratulations!

To help you prepare for your next month in your leadership ministry Steven Virgadamo shares a few insights for new and experienced Catholic school leaders:

  1. As St. Benedict said — Listen with the ear of your Heart. Continue to listen carefully to the staff- the faculty, lunch staff and custodians. We are larger than the sum of our parts! …

Some say the Catholic Church is in decline and yet others say it is a Church in hospice. It is true that the U.S. Church has experienced a 3% decline in the last ten years confirmed by two massive PEW studies, and a decline in religious vocations, but don’t be too quick to rush to judgment without examining the data. Most Church closures are old inner-city parishes where the demographics changed. in the 1800’s, many inner city parishes were established in close proximity as each was founded to minister to a specific immigrant population. Today, 49% of Catholic adults have…

The educational system in the U.S. is undergoing some major changes in the way students learn. In recent years, classroom focus has placed an emphasis on individual students completing tasks and homework themselves without assistance following a full day of school. However, more and more students have been studying online in their own homes and using school time to essentially sharpen what they’ve learned.

Some teachers feel this is not an effective enough way to educate children. Therefore, high school students are being exposed to a completely different style of learning that was used much more frequently in the past.

For students of all ages with learning, physical, or developmental disabilities, special education programs in schools are absolutely vital. This is to ensure access to a sufficient level of education regardless of whatever disability a student may have, whether it be autism, a hearing impairment, or physical disability. All young learners deserve the right to an adequate education to set them up for success throughout their lives.

Support over Accommodation

Rather than accommodating for a special needs student’s educational demands, successful special education programs provide him or her with the environment they need to flourish and learn. …

For many parents, the issue of choosing a school is a momentous and pivotal part of raising their children. A new study by the University of California Santa Barbara may now influence that decision.

The longitudinal study examines the relationship between attending a Catholic school and the ability of children to exercise self-discipline. Intriguingly, students at Catholic private schools demonstrated significantly higher levels of self-discipline.

The researchers, associate professor Michael Gottfried and doctoral student Jacob Kirksey, analyzed the results of two studies conducted in 1999 and 2011, each of which worked with 15,000 to 17,000 kindergartners from a range of…

For over 25 years Steven Virgadamo has worked with Catholic Schools in more than 100 Catholic Dioceses. Below he shares some anecdotal thoughts gathered experientially about 5 Leadership Characteristics of Effective Catholic School Principals.

1. View Threats as Opportunities

Effective Catholic School Leaders do not shy away from challenges and typically view every threat as an opportunity, are willing to lead their school community with a missionary zeal and

2. Possess a Vision while manifesting a Passion for Servant leadership

Effective Catholic school leaders know that mission enables but vision inspires and vision can fuel the fundraising and friend raising process. They are Christ centered servant leaders who

3. Own the results

While working at the Alliance for Catholic Education…

Steve Virgadamo

Steven Virgadamo | New York, NY | Long-time leader and an advocate of school choice legislation. http://stevevirgadamo.com/

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